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We’re known in the Energy Industry for delivering a quality candidate sourcing service, but how do we differ from our competition?

We don’t just do the bare minimum. We go above and beyond, tapping into our substantial industry-specific pool of contacts and talent around the country to locate, interview and put forward top tier talent for your energy or process project. We don’t want to have to do the job twice, so our focus is on getting it right the first time.

The last 20 years has given us a chance to hone our recruitment skills in specific industries, so we’re experts at what we do, don’t just take it from us…

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"Efficient, friendly but most importantly they find the right people - what more can I say…"

Andrew Springett, Dallol

What services do we offer?

We cover every angle of the recruitment process, from shortlisting and interviewing candidates to HMRC and HSE compliance.

We don’t deliver ‘off the shelf’ packages, each service is tailored to our client’s specific needs. You can choose from our pick and mix service.

Pick and choose from a list of 36 recruitment services including:

  • Job advert copywriting
  • Shortlisting and interviewing candidates
  • Rigorous SQEP validation
  • HMRC and H&S compliance
  • Timesheet management
  • Process mapping and scheduling
  • Border & Right to Work Checks
  • SQEP management
  • Headhunting
  • Process mapping and scheduling
  • Accommodation & travel management
  • Advice & consultancy
  • Executive & key worker recruitment
  • Holiday & sick pay
  • Payroll insurance cover
  • Pension scheme compliance
  • PAYE
  • Project scoping & needs analysis
  • Selection of delivery models
  • Training certification management
  • Security vetting (if required)
  • Strategic recruitment planning
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How can you work with us?

We know client needs differ, that’s why we offer a selection of service models. We have three in a nutshell:


Our fully-managed service is a retained service. We become a valuable extension of your company, there’s no need for you to pay overheads like you would with an in-house team. You get access to our recruitment experts, whenever you need it.

Pay as you go

We understand that recruitment isn’t always a cyclical process - there are peaks and troughs, just like any business. So we’re here to help you whenever you’re ready - we’re happy to work alongside you as a ‘preferred supplier’.

No-win, no-fee

With a contingency-based service, it’s in our best interest to find the best SQEP candidates for your job role. If you don’t hire our candidate, you don’t pay, it’s as simple as that.

A bit about our trusted HR partner Ashton People Solutions

At Power People, we know what we’re good at and for everything else, we outsource it to our expert HR partner, Ashton People Solutions.

Ashton People Solutions specialise in making HR procedures as straightforward and as easy to understand as possible for SMEs and are also experienced in providing outsourced HR support to corporate firms.

Ashton People Solutions provide both on-site and remote services and are here to help you navigate the sometimes complex world of HR, and slot into our recruitment services easily by offering services complimenting the entire recruitment process, from onboarding to ongoing support throughout employment.

Here is a selection of services they offer:

  • Company and Individual Referencing
  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Team Assessment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Resource Planning and Management
  • Succession Planning
  • HR Support
  • Job Descriptions
  • Onboarding Support
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Company Handbooks
  • Equality and Diversity Compliance

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