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According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydropower still remains the world’s primary source of renewable power - and it’s to play a large role in reaching the net-zero goals of the energy industry. The IEA has stated in its Hydropower special market report, that they have identified seven priority areas for governments to accelerate hydropower growth.

Everyone’s goal is to find and utilise greener energy, and with hydropower relying on the Earth’s natural water cycle’s kinetic energy, it’s a pretty good green option. And it’s generating more electricity each year - in 2020, hydropower contributed a 13% share of total electricity in Europe (an increase of 4% from 2019).

There’s so much excitement for the future of this renewable energy, and at Power People, we’re looking forward to seeing how the industry strengthens and changes over the coming years.

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We’ve worked with many companies in the hydro wave space, so our experience (all 20 years of it) serves us well when it comes to finding the best quality candidates for you.

At Power People, we know that every clients’ needs differ, and that’s why we’ve got flexible payment plans. From pay as you go to no win, no fee - you’re in complete control of your budget.

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